This weeks special mentions have been awarded to:

Special Mentions

Class Year Pupil Special Mention
Nursery Everyone! All of our Nursery children for having such a happy and positive start at St Wystan’s after such a long time away. We are very proud of how well all of you have settled into Nursery life.
Kindergarten Everyone! Everyone for starting school so brilliantly. Full of enthusiasm and always smiling!
Form 1 Tabatha & Emily What an amazing start to your time at St. Wystan’s! I am so proud of how hard you are working. You are such super members of our team!
Form 2 Molly, Louis, Morgan, Rory & Zane For having such a positive start at St Wystan’s. You are all polite, kind and hard working children and we are very pleased to have you in Form 2.
Form 3 Elia & Bella For showing such positivity and enthusiasm in their first week at St Wystan’s.    A huge well done!
Form 4 Nanditha For being a hard-working SUPER STAR! Always with a smile on your face, you have shown great enthusiasm and motivation in our lessons this week.
Form 5 Emily For being so polite, caring and enthusiastic.
Form 6 Eliz For being an excellent role model with your focus in class and for being super helpful too!

Well done everyone, great achievements from you all!

Mrs Hopkinson