Assessment & Reporting

At St Wystan’s, our curriculum is focused upon the children and our assessments help support our teachers in providing individualised support for each child. Our skilled teachers utilise assessments to check each child’s progress and inform teaching and learning. This ensures that each child is receiving the support or challenge that they need to reach their full potential.

Children take standardised tests on a termly basis in Maths and English and are assessed against age-related expectations for their year group. Formal assessments measure children’s progress against the cohort, both local and national, to enable us to track and gauge the child’s potential for future schooling. No assessment processes are undertaken with unnecessary pressure and we do not have a culture of cramming, tuition or other unnecessarily stressful examination experiences!

Parents also have the opportunity to meet formally with teachers each term during Parents’ Evenings yet are welcome to contact Form or Subject Teachers at any time.  In addition, parents can access the various staff at any time, both informally after school or through a formal appointment. Parents are issued with termly reports providing additional information about their child’s achievement and attitudes towards learning across the curriculum.