Headteacher’s Welcome

A warm welcome to St Wystan’s School.

Our school is a family in which all pupils are well known by our staff and valued as individuals. Our small classes allow a personalised approach to teaching which caters for the needs of each pupil and allows each one of them to flourish and shine.

In order to succeed, children need to feel safe and happy, and at St Wystan’s our pupils feel just that. Our nurturing and experienced staff instil confidence in our pupils with an education that not only focusses upon high academic standards in the classroom, but also extends far beyond through our wide extra-curricular and sports programme, as well as our Forest School which is enjoyed by all. We want to give your children experiences both in and outside of their comfort zones with plenty of opportunities to succeed, but also to fail. At St Wystan’s, we know that it is only by having opportunities to try new things, and perhaps failing at first and then trying again, that our pupils will develop the essential life skill of resilience. Our pupils feel confident in the knowledge that they can always do better next time and bounce back ready to take on new challenges, and all of this with the support of their teachers, their teaching assistants and their peers. At St Wystan’s, our pupils develop excellent life skills and values whilst engaging with their learning. We provide the support, encouragement and freedom they need to develop socially and to explore all on offer.

St Wystan’s is committed to providing an outstanding and highly-stimulating education in a supportive environment where our creative curriculum is brought to life by our talented staff. Our pupils are partners in their own learning and, as a result, are highly-engaged and motivated by each lesson they meet. We recognise that each pupil learns at their own pace and in their own way – no two are alike and nor should they be. Each individual is respected and allowed to celebrate their unique talents, strengths and capabilities, enabling them to achieve their own potential.

St Wystan’s is not affiliated to any one senior school, and a large part of our success is down to the positive relationships we maintain with a wide range of destination schools and a thorough understanding of each child’s individual requirements. We are proud of our pupils’ record in securing offers of places and scholarships from a number of different schools across the region. Each child is, of course, unique and should go to the school where they can best shine and be appreciated for who they are. Our understanding of each pupil can only support this process.

I hope our website will give you a flavour of what a St Wystan’s education can offer, and I warmly invite you to come and see the School for yourself.  I can assure you of a genuinely warm welcome in our happy, warm and friendly school, and hope to meet you soon.

Warm wishes,

Kara Lebihan BA (Hons), PGCE Primary QTS








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