Pastoral Care

One of the more outstanding aspects of our school is Pastoral care. Our staff take great pride in the supportive and respectful relationship we enjoy with our pupils and parents. Our pupils know that their contribution to the life of the school is valued. Our emphasis is on developing a culture of care and kindness for all.

St Wystan’s provides an in-depth level of pastoral care through: a range of extra-curricular clubs to suit every individual; small class sizes meaning that each child receives a tailored nurturing learning environment and staff dedicated to teach the children to face the world with confidence, self-esteem and an understanding of respect for one another.

Pupils’ achievements, in whatever area of life, are celebrated by the whole of the school and, through our School Council, the opinions of our pupils are acknowledged and acted upon. Leadership qualities are developed through specific responsibilities in class and Form 6 perform an invaluable role as school prefects.

St Wystan’s take great care to ensure our disciplinary structures support our pastoral provision to ensure our children leave here as well-balanced individuals.

Learning Support

We are committed to ensuring that all pupils reach their full potential, including those with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND). If a pupil is diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty, our SENDCo works closely with the child’s class teacher to set individual targets and measure progress. Extra support and precision teaching interventions may be offered in class, in small groups or individually.

(This is a summary of information contained in the Special Educational Needs Policy.)

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