PE and school sport is a hugely important and integral part of the curriculum and school life at St Wystan’s. High quality PE and sport has a very powerful impact on the all-round development of children as it boosts achievement, builds essential communication and leadership skills and teaches the importance of healthy, active lifestyles.

St Wystan’s have been awarded the Gold School Games Mark for the last 3 years and punches above its weight in many traditional sports when competing against other schools.

Our PE curriculum is designed to give both breadth of activity and depth of learning. We want children to experience different activities but also to become confident and competent. It is hoped that all St Wystan’s children will have the mindset that they can try any sport or activity in or out of school and that it has a positive impact on their lives.

During PE lessons, children take part in:

  • Early Years/Pre-Prep: Physical Literacy through games, dance, gymnastics and athletics
  • Prep Boys: Football, Tag Rugby and Cricket
  • Prep Girls: Netball, Hockey and Rounders
  • All: Gymnastics, Dance and Athletics

Our PE lessons are supported by lots of extra-curricular opportunities. It is our aim that all St Wystan’s children will have the chance to compete for their house and school in different sports. There are many Sports and Activity Clubs before school, lunchtime and after school. Examples of extra-curricular activities are: Netball, Football, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Rounders, Boccia, Curling, Cycling, Goalball, Gymnastics and Athletics.

St Wystan’s children are also encouraged to take part in clubs and activities outside school. This is recognised and celebrated in school assemblies and in class.