Celebration Day is a time when we come together to reflect on the year passed and to celebrate the achievements of individuals and of the school as a whole. I am delighted to be standing here for the first time as Headteacher of St Wystan’s school to do so.

The children have just sung to you a song that I thought was so special. The song is called ‘This is Our School’ and I’m sure you will agree that the children sang it not only with great gusto but also with great pride. In the song, our school is described using words such as marvellous and miraculous,​ incredible and spectacular,​ we’re dynamite, we’re really ace like outer space and we’re really great like chocolate cake. I have to say, that song sums up St Wystan’s perfectly as we are all of those things and so much more. And let’s face it, any school that is compared to chocolate cake has to be a winner!

I would like to thank all the pupils for being a part of our school, we, as teachers, love having you here and knowing each and every one of you so well. Our school did not make itself marvellous and miraculous, incredible and spectacular, it’s your school and you, the pupils, did – so thank you to each and every St Wystan’s pupil for their contribution. I think a round of applause for our lovely pupils is deserved.

Of course, St Wystan’s did not become any of these things without our staff. You all know our staff well and I don’t need to tell you about their dedication, their passion and their zest for what they do but I would like to thank them personally. I have taken the time to get to know each and every one of them since my arrival in January and I can only say that I have been blown away by their enthusiasm, their commitment but also their fondness for our school. We are so lucky to have them. Please can we have another round of applause for our staff.

Before I end, I would like to go back to the song we began with. : ‘this is our school,​ say it loud, sing it proud,​ it’s just right for you and me, St Wystan’s School’s the place to be.’

As parents, you have chosen for your children to be here at St Wystan’s School because you believe it is just right for them – thank you for believing in us and for trusting us with your most precious possessions, your children.  Our commitment back to you is to ensure your child’s time at St Wystan’s is just right for them and by that, I mean for them as individuals – that each and every one of your children is known to us for who they are and what they do, that their individual strengths and talents are spotted and responded to, as are their areas to development. And this is what we pride ourselves on and know we do well.

We all know that St Wystan’s is the place to be, and I personally wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…

Mrs Kara Lebihan