It has been increasingly important to keep in touch with friends and family during the national lockdown. However, because of social distancing and restricted visits in care homes, our elderly community are not as able to stay in touch with their loved ones. Form 6 pupil Eisha, decided to take it upon herself to send letters to two elderly ladies who live in care homes close to where she lives. Eisha explains why she wanted to start writing letters to the ladies and also explains how you could help as well.

What made you want to write the letters to the ladies in the care home?

My Mum had recently advertised to give away my old piano during lockdown, and this all came about because the care home replied to her advertisement on the social media. I remembered that during the first Lockdown, the news often showed how elderly people were lonely in care homes because they couldn’t see their families due to the pandemic. My Mum and I had previously discussed about writing to care homes, so when my Mum was speaking to James (a man who works at the care home) about the piano, she asked if there were anybody in their care home who would benefit from my letters, so he put two names forward. Winnie and Margaret. James said that they both love reading and writing.

How did it make you feel?

Unfortunately, my grandparents are no longer with us, so it felt nice writing to people of that age. It gave me great pleasure to talk to somebody from that generation.

Have you heard back from the ladies?

Yes, I have. It was really lovely to learn more about them, like what they used to do for a job and what they enjoy to do, even if they are restricted at the minute.

Are you continuing to send letters to each other?

I am looking forward to hearing from regularly and learning all about their life and the stories they have to tell. They also find it interesting when I tell them what it is like to be a child during the COVID-19 period and how different life has been.

What else would you recommend others to do to help those people who are lonely?

Try to communicate with them regularly, whether it be on FaceTime or going ‘old school’ and writing letters. Ask them questions about themselves and (if you are writing a letter) answer their questions. Ask your parents before communicating to them as well.

We are all extremely proud of you Eisha, what a fantastic example to set to others.