Every year the Friends of St Wystan’s work in collaboration with members of staff and St Wystan’s Governing Body with the aim of raising money for projects to be carried out for the School. All of these projects are aimed at enhancing the learning experience of the children.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the normal fundraising that has been so successful in previous years has unfortunately not been possible and the Friends of St Wystan’s, along with the Governing Body want to do all that they can to continue to raise much needed funds, albeit in a different manner which works around the current Covid obstacles.

After much discussion with the Friends and wider St Wystan’s community we have decided to create a ‘St Wystan’s to Santa’ Challenge over the Christmas Holidays. Funds collected from this challenge will solely be used for special projects, such as IT renewal. We have focused on a Christmas theme as a result of the School not being able to celebrate in the usual festive ways. It was decided, that as a School Community we aim to cover the distance from St Wystan’s to the North Pole – a total of 2,710 Miles!

This challenge aims to get the whole school to work together and reach their respective targets. We have split the target distance depending on year groups, and each individual target are as follows:

Class Targets

Kindergarten 5 miles
Form 1 10 miles
Form 2 15 miles
Form 3 20 miles
Form 4 30 miles
Form 5 35 miles
Form 6 50 miles
Members of Staff 100 miles


We need you to spread the word out far and wide about the challenge to friends and family, it would be great to get as many sponsorship and donations for St Wystan’s as possible.

Share the JustGiving Link, make sure they put who they are donating money for!



Form Group Pupil Distance
Kindergarten Hattie A (F) 55.76 miles! Hattie has smashed her class target already!
Kindergarten Rosie S (P) 29.62 miles! Great work Rosie! Smashed the target as well!
Kindergarten Taylah C (E) 19.1 miles – Super work Taylah!
Kindergarten Ieuan H (F) 7.25 miles – Fantastic effort Ieuan!
Form 1 Olivia M (P) 116.41 miles – Wow Olivia! You have beaten most teachers!
Form 1 Gabriel G-J (F) 98.95 miles – Amazing work Gabriel!
Form 1 Seth B (O) 95.2 miles – Bike, Scoot, Skate, Walk, Swim anything else Seth?!
Form 1 Jack P (F) 94.35 miles – Jack is now aiming for 50 miles!
Form 1 Tabatha P (E) 19.03 miles – amazing work! Well done for going above and beyond 10 miles!
Form 1 Emily H (F) 10.65 miles – Super work Emily!
Form 2 Jacob W (E) 56.58 miles – Amazing work Jacob!
Form 2 Louis A (F) 55.76 miles – Louis you superstar!
Form 2 Olive F (O) 49 miles – Wow Olive! You have reached the Form 6 target!
Form 2 Georgia H (P) 40 miles – Fantastic work Georgia!
Form 2 Chloe P (P) 21.7 miles – Well done Chloe!
Form 2 Cara H (F) 17.4 miles – Brilliant effort Cara!
Form 2 Annie T (O) 15.57 miles – Great work Annie! Getting those points for Osprey.
Form 2 Rory P (F) 9.12 miles – Great start Rory! Not far to go!
Form 3 Bella M (F) 61.58 miles – Great work Bella, smashed the Form 6 target!
Form 3 Rebekah W (P) 35.75 miles – Well done! You have gone above and beyond!
Form 3 Ben O (O) 25 miles – Fantastic Ben!
Form 3 Charlie S (F) 14.17 miles – Almost their Charlie!
Form 4 Oliver P (F) 108.78 miles – Wow Oliver! Smashed 100 miles!
Form 4 George S (E) 100.4 miles – Wow George! You have done an amazing job!
Form 4 Jack G (E) 92 miles – Fantastic Jack! You definitely didn’t get stuck in the mud!
Form 4 Effie B (O) 89.7 miles – Brilliant work Effie!
Form 4 Amelie W (E) 56.58 miles – Fantastic work Amelie! You have hit Form 4’s target!
Form 4 Hector C (P) 44.12 miles – Swim and cycle – all you need to do now is run! Well done Hector!
Form 4 Evie H (P) 40 miles – Just over half way Evie – great work!
Form 4 James B (P) 31.35 miles – you have the right idea James, getting a hot chocolate at the end of your walks!
Form 5 Isabel G-J (F) 97.95 miles – Amazing work Isabel! Keep going!
Form 5 Lydia C (P) 45.57 miles – Brilliant work Lydia!
Form 5 Morgan B (F) 42.88 miles – Fantastic work Morgan!
Form 5 Molly T (O) 39 miles – Almost there Molly! I am sure you can do it by Wednesday!
Form 5 Nataleigh W (E) 36.4 miles – Absolutely smashed it Nataleigh!
Form 5 Dulcie U (E) 10.7 miles – I am sure you can reach the target by the end of the week Dulcie!
Form 6 Thomas B (E) 63.79 miles – Fantastic Tom! First Form 6 to hit their target!
Form 6 Grace T (E) 50 miles – Fantastic work Grace!

It is fantastic to see the amount of effort pupils have put in to achieve their class targets, and in some cases absolutely smash them out of the park! Brilliant work!

Members of Staff

Helen Islip 126.81 miles
Hannah Law 95 miles
Karan Hopkinson 76 miles

Friends of St Wystan’s

Martin Pallot 250.63 miles
Jonathan & Janine Gavin-Jones 156.4 miles
Vickie Barnatt 105 miles
Emma Bateman 93 miles
Laura Gardener 62.76 miles
Harriet Boyles 11.02 miles

Total Mileage – 2,876.8 miles

Keep those distances coming in to admissions@stwystans.org.uk.