This weeks special mentions have been awarded to:

Special Mentions

Class Year Pupil Special Mention
Nursery Tilly & Bennie For both working so hard with their cutting out and colouring. We were very impressed with how hard you concentrated.
Kindergarten Taylah For her amazing letter formations!
Form 1 Olivia For being kind and supportive to her friends during phonics. 
Form 2 Rory For being polite and well-mannered every single day and an excellent role model with a fabulous attitude towards learning.
Form 3 Ben For having such a happy and positive return back to school. He has had such a good attitude towards his work. Well done.
Form 4 Lucy For her endless levels of positivity. This week I’ve been impressed with her ability to persist, even with skills she finds difficult.   
Form 5 Polly For consistent hard work and enthusiasm in everything we do, and for always being so polite, kind and helpful to everyone.
Form 6 Calista For your excellent organisation skills and for being a very helpful member of the class.

Well done everyone, great achievements from you all!

Mrs Hopkinson