Effie, Seth and their little sister India, took on the YMCA sleepout challenge on Friday 6th November. It is a fantastic cause which aims to raise money to help build awareness about the homelessness problem in the UK, as well as provide facilities for those individuals that find themselves sleeping rough. Both Effie and Seth have taken part in the YMCA sleepout previously, with India this year being the youngest to take part at 2 years old and the oldest participant being 92 years young!

The original idea was for Effie and Seth to sleep outside in their tent with their Dad, with India and Mrs Bowman sleeping inside on the kitchen floor. However, India didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so she joined the sleep her siblings outside in the tent! It was a cold evening and the ground was damp because of the recent rain, which meant the cold seeped through. Effie, Seth and India wore lots of layers to stay warm and managed to sleep right through the night!