During the first half term Form 1 created their very own acrostic poems about somebody or something special in their lives. This was quite a challenge as the Form 1 children had never written anything like this before. However, they can always be relied upon to rise to a challenge!

They have made us all very proud by being published in this year’s Young Writers Anthology. Miss Holmes was delighted to find out that every single child in the class will become a published Author. The children were so excited and rightly proud of themselves too. Their poems are creative, carefully thought out and great fun to read. It just shows that with hard work, perseverance and encouragement you can achieve anything you set your mind to. We can’t wait to see them in print when the book is published in January.  

Just to give you a flavour, here are a couple of poems written by Jack and Rohan.

My Mummy- by Jack 

Emirates- by Rohan 

Mummy looks good 

Us, we bake together 

Mummy is beautiful 

Mummy is thoughtful 

Yes she is fabulous! 

Every time I go on an Emirates plane it 

Makes me happy 

I love them so much 

Really cool! 


Travelling fast 

Emirates are the best 

Slow when they land.