This weeks special mentions have been awarded to:

Special Mentions

Class Year Pupil Special Mention
Nursery Finley For showing such a positive attitude towards his learning, particularly his drawing and counting!  
Kindergarten Dileep For being a fantastic new member of the Kindergarten team. We are so happy you joined us! 
Form 1 Rone For trying really hard in his reading and writing and making excellent progress! 
Form 2 Olive For continuing to put in 100% effort to every piece of writing.  
Form 2 Louis For working hard to present all his work in joined, neat handwriting. 
Form 3 Rebekah For showing a super level of persistence and determination in her Maths lessons.  You are a fantastic mathematician!!
Form 4 George For his enthusiasm and desire to achieve his best work in all lessons. This week, he has listened brilliantly and responded well to feedback.  
Form 5 Teddy For your determination to improve the presentation of your work, and for your boundless curiosity and enthusiasm. 
Form 6 Tom For creating a super piece of action writing this week! 

Well done everyone, great achievements from you all!

Mrs Hopkinson