On Wednesday, Form 5 arrived at school dressed as Ancient Greeks to take part in their ‘Groovy Greek’ day. Thank you to parents for helping to make and find such a variety of colourful costumes – Athene, Poseidon, Greek boys and girls, slaves and soldiers.

To start the day, the children learnt to dance the Greek Zorba. Then they had a choice of making laurel crowns or writing their name and the names of the Gods and Goddesses in Greek. Next, they listened to a radio play script about Theseus and the Minotaur and learnt a song about the Ancient Greeks.

After morning break, they sat down to a Greek feast – they drank goat’s milk and tasted Greek Pita Nachos with green Halkidiki and black Kalamata olives, figs, grapes, feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and Greek yoghurt.

In the afternoon, Form 5 completed the play script before they went outside to take part in their own mini Olympics. Form 5 challenged themselves to achieve their best in each activity, which was quite tricky considering most were wearing togas and chitons! Activities included throwing a javelin, shot put, standing jump and finally a relay race with shiny batons.

All in all, Form 5 had a very busy, happy and productive day and we are looking forward to having another themed day later in the year.

Mrs K Bradley