This weeks special mentions have been awarded to:

Special Mentions

Class Year Pupil Special Mention
Nursery Olivia For her enthusiasm in lots of different activities.
Kindergarten Arissa & Rohan For working so hard in school.
Year 1 Chloe For finding some interesting facts about Queen Victoria in English.
Year 2 Rebekah For a fabulous letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Year 3 Sara For showing such a super level of enthusiasm and effort in all her lessons in school this week!
Year 4 Sharleez For her calm, positive and hard-working attitude on return to school this week.
Year 5 The Whole Class For being superstars this week as we returned to school!
Year 6 Ishana For being such a hard worker and a sensible role model for others.
Music Morgan For persevering in learning to play the recorder. Practice makes perfect!

Well done everyone, great achievements from you all!

Mrs Hopkinson