Effie (Y3) and Seth (KG), have been busy during lockdown began. They decided that they would like to raise money for Burton YMCA, as the charity has been really struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Effie has been incredibly worried about the people who have nowhere safe to self-isolate and already have the worry of poor immune systems. Seth wanted to take on the challenge and he wanted to help try and raise money to help tock the food bank.

They have been ‘virtually’ running the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall, which is a staggering 145Km (90miles). They began the challenge when we finished school back in March, and completed the epic run at the start of June. So far, they have raised £257.00!!

Watch the video below to see how they got on! Fantastic work Effie and Seth, I think you have earnt a well deserved rest during the summer holidays!