French begins in Nursery at St Wystan’s, learning through stories, songs, mime, IT and play, which facilitates the use of French vocabulary. As children progress through Pre-Prep, they learn everyday language including greetings, talking about family and pets, weather and hobbies and describing their likes and dislikes.

In Prep, children consolidate these competencies as well as learning how to describe their daily routines, characteristics of themselves and others, give directions and describe their holidays. This is taught through stories, plays, songs, IT and games. Strong emphasis is placed on speaking, gaining confidence, feeling successful and having fun.

Our aim is to widen children’s social and cultural horizons in order to increase understanding and tolerance in today’s multi-cultural environment. As the pinnacle of French studies, St Wystan’s offer Year 5 and 6 students the opportunity to use and improve their language skills during a residential trip to Picardie.