Pre-Prep School Day

A typical day in the life of a Pre-Prep pupil:

Our Mornings

7.30-8.25am Before school care available and clubs
8.25am Children assemble in the playground
8.30am Children arrive in classes and registration
8.45am Whole School Assembly
9.00-10.35am Learning activities
10.35-10.55am Playtime and a healthy snack
10.55-12.00pm Learning activities
12.00-12.30pm Lunch


Our Afternoons

12.30-1.25pm Playtime and clubs
1.25-2.45pm Learning activities
2.45-3.00pm Playtime
3.00-3.40pm Learning activities or story time
3.40pm Home time
3.40-6.30pm After school care available and clubs

As you can see, it is an extremely busy day! This leads to huge appetites which are satisfied with mid-morning snacks of fresh fruit or vegetables with milk or fruit juice. Our lunches are just as tasty, with a choice of healthy hot meals served in the School hall.